Real Estate FRAUD Taylor Vs WRS, Oakes, Hill ET AL

Coldwell Banker Barnes, Jim Parker and David Barnes Principle Brokers and Bill and Nancy Oakes Affiliate Brokers..

Broken Dreams in Tennessee

 RE/MAX  Preferred Group, Cookeville, TN, Donnita Hill and Rhonda England.

Community Bank,  Slickmeyer & Uphold Appraisals

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 The cabin I bought from Donna Lawson (seller, Cookeville Glass) represented by Donnita Hill Remax (realtor), appraised by Chris Uphold (Appraiser) Used community Banks appraisal, Inspected by World Wide inspection Jim Dainty (home Inspector) (Septic inspector) Termite inspector Lakeside termite Dwayne Robinson (Termite inspector) Mortgage Broker and Lender WR Starkey, Closing attorney Matt Jared, My Exclusive Buyers agent Bill & Nancy Oakes.

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  The WRS Appraiser and my realtor have been sanctioned by the State of TN for discrimination Title 8 and fraudulent appraisals regarding this mortgage loan transaction.

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  TN Case TREC No.: 2005019871

 DECEMBER 2006 Disciplinary Action Report

 Real Estate Appraiser Commission: Page 6

 Respondent Christopher Ray Uphold, Pueblo, CO, Cookeville TN and Eugene, OR

Violation: Failure to identify property characteristics. Communicated assignment results in a misleading or fraudulent manner and committed a substantial error of omission or commission that significantly affects the appraisal. Failure to identify persons who provided significant appraisal assistance.

Action: $2,640 Civil Penalty

 This popular fraud is growing; The Land Flip: In this scheme, the perpetrators find a single family residence worth say, $50,000.00. They then sell the property to a straw buyer (defined as a person who does not or does know about the deal) for $150,000.00. Mr. Straw, as we will call him, makes a 20% down payment, borrows $120,000.00 and those proceeds are used to pay off the existing first mortgage with the balance going to the perpetrators. Mr. Straw is then left with a property that is worth considerably less than the loan amount and usually defaults on the payments and when the home goes to foreclosure, there is no equity to protect the Mr. Straw. Then Mr. Straw files bankruptcy; these resulting losses are excessive...

  These frauds may seem harmless until investors like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac discover the frauds and demand that the Loan originating wholesale lender repurchase the loan..

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Closing Attorney Problems:

Matt Jared Defrauded us!

1. ALL MINERAL AND TIMBER RIGHTS TO BE CONVEYED TO BUYER at closing! He said it should be okay and had us sign a form that corrections would be made after closing if needed.

2. Didn’t process all the paperwork. He stated that “he worked for Hill and what ever she gave him is all he used”!

3. Did not follow our Coldwell Banker Sales contract.

4. Told us Puffing was allowed on listing by Donnita Hill Realtor

5. Form that permits corrections; didn't receive it.

6. Took over 5 months to get part of the closing paperwork and still have not received all of it.

7. He Double charged us.
We have been trying to get these problems solved since Dec 14, 2004.
He just stonewalled us and just did not do his job…
Finally I ask his father Jerry Jared for help and he yelled at me saying if you sue me I’ll sue you and hung up the phone.

The Bums still owe me money!